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Noisy Radicals Festival Moscow

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Going deep inside of a dreamy summer forest,
Feeling the energy of Mother Earth,
Touching creatures of nature,
Listen to the sounds, feeling vibes and base.
Get touched by music.
Get in touch with music.
Be noisy!
Be radical!
Be free!

                                 LINE UP

  LOOSE CONNECTION ( Free Radical Rec. / UK ) LIVE

  SICK NOISE ( Free Radical Rec. / Serbia ) LIVE

  INNER COMA ( Free Radical Rec. / Portugal ) LIVE

  HYPERACTIVE 25 ( Freak Rec. / CH ) LIVE

  SACHA ( Free Radical Rec. / South Africa )

  RADICE ( Free Radical Rec. / Italy / Goa ) LIVE

  SUPER SAM ( Iran / Goa )

  NIGHT FURY ( Free Radical Rec. / Iran / Goa )

  YATZEE ( Free Radical Rec. / Italy ) LIVE

  N-GIN ( Free Radical Rec. / UK ) LIVE

  LOVA ( Nutria Dance / Noise Poison Rec. / Italy )

  RASTACORE ( Free Radical Rec. / Swiss ) LIVE

  DARKRUSS ( Free Radical Rec. / Austria )

  YOSHIHIRO ( Free Radical Rec. / Japan ) LIVE

  MUNDUNGUS ( Free Radical Rec. / Italy )

  PSYMET ( Free Radical Rec. / Italy / Goa )

  SICK ( Biomechanikal Rec. / Spain / Goa )

  ZEXA ( Biomechanical Rec. / Spain / Goa )

  ARCENI ( Russia )

  PIONEER ( Diamond People / Russia )

  LELIQUE ( Psyadventurous / Russia )

  TOODROPS ( Russia )

  YASHAR ( Psyadventurous / Iran / Goa )

  ELVAN ( Goa Freak Family / Israel ) LIVE

Free Radical Records is bringing the NOISE to Russia this summer - the motherland of hi-tech music. Our mission is to create a full powered psychedelic experience through visuals and sound frequencies and also, to provide a musical journey connecting light to dark and duality of night and day. The aim is to provide a higher quality of music production and festival experience and to give newcomers an entirely unique understanding of psychedelic music. To achieve our goal, we want to provide you with comfort and affordable service. On the way to our festival keep your hands free and mind open!
The location of the festival is a private resort hidden deep inside of Russian forests 80km North of Moscow city. The resort is filled by wooden traditional Russian building 200-400 years old. You can reserve double room in one of big buildings, or even rent private cottage for your company. The tottal capacity is 150people, so we reccomend you to dont be late with booking.
Any room you choose will have blankets & pillows, bedshits & towels. Private cottages have some extras, such as electric pot, gas-stove and dishes.

Ticket price:
on the gate - 50eur
presale till 14may - 30eur, till 14june - 40eur

For booking ticket or any other question feel free to connect us
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